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Donation Perks

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 05, 2016 12:41 am

Seeing this thread you probably decided you wanted to donate to AGC
Below I am going to list the ranks and abilities your able to donate for


Donator Rank - 5$ - Gets access to the following - Ninja Job, Professional Thief along with five-million in-game dollars.

Donator+ Rank - 10$ You get access to all jobs from Donator Rank but you also get 15-million dollars in-game the Pro Hitman and Weapons Dealer Job.

Custom Job - 15$ - You get access to a custom job that only you can access. Your job can have two custom weapons from the server and a player model from the server.

Donor Mod - 5$ a month, You will be informed a day before your payment is due.

Donor Admin - 15$ a month, You will be informed a day before your payment is due.

1,000,000$ In-Game Money - 1$

If your rank is taken away from abuse or demotion the payment is NON-Refundable.
By donating you agree to not complain about your demotion unless you believe it was a false demotion.
You will not be demoted from staff resets
(Refunding your money after you've been given what you donated for will result in the removal of your items and a 3-week server and forum ban)


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