Staff Application Format

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Staff Application Format

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:24 am


Email Address:


What is Your SteamID?:

Playtime on the server?

Where do you live (Country and Time Zone)?

How many hours do you got on Garrysmod Totaltime?

Do you have a working microphone?

What is NLR?

Have you got banned from other servers. Talk true we will find out!

How old are you? (Must be 12 or above unless the Head-Admin or above says other-wise)

Some admin sits
How do you deal With this kind of sits?
One man is standing on the street. Then a police officer comes and random arrest him. What would you do?

The Mayor has moneyprinters. What would you do?

A man is mass RDMING People. what whould you do?

An Police Officer saw an AFK man and drove over him. What would you do?

Been staff on any other servers?

Some rules Explain them

What is RDM?

What is FearRP?

What is FailRP?

What is CDM?

Tell us about you

How many hours can you be on one day?
Please mark your name in the blank spaces provided
I _ Agree to not abuse nor miss-use my admin abilities. If I _ am caught abusing I will not complain nor' break any rules if I am demoted and/or banned.


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