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Server Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:22 am

Basic |

Dont RDM (Random Death match)
Dont RDA (Random arrest)
Dont GEA (Glow Effect Abuse)
Dont CDM (Random Car Death Match)
Follow FearRP
Dont Spawnkill

| Job Rules |

Dont Abuse Your job.
Dont FailRP (Like when a police officer raid someone and then he dont destroy the Contraband but he use it by himself)
Always follow Your orders from Your supervisor when you are playing on the Goverment side.
Dont Powergame (Joining a job to get stuff then Return back to Your previous job)

| Behavior |

Respect all staff members.
Respect all players.
We do not tolerate racism.

| Sit Rules |

Dont D/C from an Admin sit | Mod Sit |
Staff Member has last Word.
When a staff member tell you to be quiet, then follow that order.
Dont lie in a sit. Will result in a ban.
Dont Disrespct the staffs decision.


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